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For everybody that wants to enjoy Brda and might be worried about the hills being an overwhelming challenge we are happy to present our 14 electric mountain bikes. 

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The bike sizes vary from small bikes for children (12 years+) to the XL bike (29,5 inches). The bikes can be rented by hotel guests and other visitors. The rental is possible from 8am to 8pm, the helmet is included in the price. We also offer shuttle asistance for our bike renters, so you do not have to worry about a thing, just cycle on and enjoy the biking trails!

The price for the bike daily rental is 40,00 € / bike.

The bikes will enable you to discover every hidden spot of Goriška brda, as they have a reach of 60 - 100 km! Finally you can enjoy the biking experience of our magical panoramas and hills without worrying about the psysical effort that our hilly landscape brings.

If you want to check out our rental contract you can do it HERE

For more suggestions about cycling routes click HERE

To enquire about our cyclin packages contact us on #EM#696f646c447667696568787f6563207c79#EM# or read more HERE

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