Otvoritev Hotela San Martin  86

Hotel San Martin is the first hotel in our region to receive the eco label.

San Martin is fused with nature and has an eco friendly policy. The construction and details are well-conceived and in accordance with the environmental standards. 

During the building of the hotel natural and sustainable materials were used, such as wood, iron, stone and concrete. 

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A lot of functionalities are also solved in an environment friendly way. As for example the heating - the hotel is heated and cooled down with the heat pump or wood chips furnace. We have regulated the use of AC to minimal, so we only have 3 AC in the hotel, the rooms are cooled by a water pump system that regulates the temperature in the summer.

To prevent the waste of drinkable water there is a double water distribution system, providing for the rational and smart waste water management.

Support our eco friendly policy so that we can keep enjoying the gifts of nature!

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