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Experience the wine-growing hills of Goriška brda and taste the rich tradition of viticulture in every glass. The grapes grow on selected, sunny locations in the terraced vineyards. The "opoka" soil of Brda gives the wines a characteristic mineral note. Discover the full and rich taste of our San Martin wines.

 San Martin Line
Fresh white and red wines matured in stainless steel containers. Selected wine for every taste.

Steklenice San Martin   White (14)

Rebula 0,75l
Sauvignonasse 0,75l
Chardonnay 0,75l
Merlot 0,75l
Cabernet sauvignon 0,75l

 AMA MI Line
Superior wines, more structured with a wide range of aromas. Aged in wooden barrels and in stainless steel containers. Excellent wines that go well with various culinary delicacies.

1564132432 06 Merlot 2                     1566223875 01 AMAMI Rebula 1

Rebula 0,75l
Chardonnay 0,75l
Sauvignon 0,75l 
Merlot 0,75l

Sparkling wine
Sparkling wine Anna produced with charmat method. Excellent as an aperitif. Fresh with lively bubbles.

detail 5  05 Penina Anna

Olive oil

Cold pressed extra virgin olive oil. Olive trees grow on two locations, one is in Goriška brda and the other in Zagora, which is part of the Soča valley. High-quality oil from a mixture of varieties Belica, Črnica, Drobnica and Leccino.

  Olje in Kis San Martin (18 of 33)


Produced from high-quality red wine using a natural fermentation process. Produced on the home farm in Biljana. Darker burgundy color with a full aroma of wine vinegar. Excellent in combination with San Martin olive oil.

Olje in Kis San Martin (33 of 33)

To buy products from the San Martin farm, you can contact #EM#696f646c447667696568787f6563207c79#EM# or call +386 51 335 660.

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