Farm San Martin

The farm San Martin is located in the Soča valley at an altitude of 213 meters above sea level. The unique mixture of the Mediterranean climate and cold alpine winds allows the cultivation of various fruit trees, such as plums, chestnuts, walnuts and olives.

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The farm owner, Bogdan Valentinčič, devoted to his land, which has been owned by the Valentinčič family from Zagora for eleven generations, takes care of the fruit trees that grow in a nearby orchard. But he is most proud of the olive groves. The smaller one in Zagora has almost 50 trees, while the larger one in Goriška brda has almost 500 olive trees.

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The production of olive oil was already widespread in Goriška region in the past, as can be seen in various church documents. However, over the decades, this activity slowly began to disappear. The main reasons for this were forsts, which often affected the trees, as this region is considered the northernmost where the olive can still grow. This also gives olive oil its characteristic character and higher antioxidant content. Bogdan's idea of planting olives in Zagora seemed reckless to many, because due to the proximity of the Soča river and the cold air masses from the Alps, it would be difficult for olives to thrive. But the fact is that the climate is changing and temperatures are rising. Bogdan foresaw this 20 yearsa ago and then planted the first olive trees, which still bear abundant today. We harvest olives by hand and make sure that the oil is pressed within 24 hours. We produce two lines of extra virgin olive oil. Line from Goriška brda and from Zagora. We are proud that we are the only producer of olive oil in the Soča valley and in the Julian Alps.

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Homemade products of San Martin also include wine and homemade vinegar.


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