Wine tasting

As many winemakers from this rich wine culture area, we serve our top quality wine, produced under the San Martin brand. 
Pamper your tastebuds and savour the delicious wines that carry on a family story and legacy.

At the bar you can taste a variety of wines - from a simple and elegant rebula to the refined AMAMI wine; The name of this wine, as most other San Martin wines, has a symbolic meaning, a combination of letters from Bogdan and Vesna's childrens' names ( Ana MArtin MIha).

You can purchase the San Martin brand wines at the reception or at the bar. 


Sauvignonasse/Rebula/ Chardonnay 0,75l….. 9,00€
Merlot / Cabernet Sauvignon 0,75l….. 10,00€
Anna sparkling rebula 0,75l….. 10,00€
AMA MI Chardonnay / Merlot / Rebula / Sauvignon / Cabernet Sauvignon 0,75l…..18,00€
Victoria ROSE / Brut / zero 0,75l….. 20,00€

Steklenice San Martin   White (14)

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