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Cycling in Goriška brda

The diverse terrain of Brda can be a real sport adventure or a real cycling challenge for cyclists. With its location, Goriška brda is a popular starting point, as it is within biking reach of the Italian beauties of Krmin, Trieste, Udine, Slovenian seaside towns, the Karst and Venice, as well as the Alpine part - Kobarid and Bovec. Each season brings different colors; from yellow leaves and persimmons in autumn, a thin snow coat in winter, cherry blossoms in spring, and deep green vines adorned with grapes in summer. The coastal climate is also perfect for cyclists, as it allows for a pleasant bike ride throughout the year. For beginners, families or for adrenaline-seeking sprotsmen, the trails are a top experience, full of both natural beauties and cultural-educational features and sightseeing.
The hotel also has a bicycle shed where you can store, recharge and wash your bikes. If needed, there is also a laundry room where we can wash and dry your sports equipment. The hotel has 14 electric mountain bikes available for rental to hotel guests and outside guests.

Learn more about e-bike rental HERE or contact us at #EM#696f646c447667696568787f6563207c79#EM# 

And remember, at the end of the day you are always welcome to our bistro, which will fulfill your apetite with home made dishes!

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During your biking journey or at the end of a biking day you can enjoy a nice break and rest your muscles on the panoramic terrace where there is enough space for you and your bike. While enjoying the panorama you can pamper yourself with some wine and cold cuts. 

Hotel San Martin is proud to be a member in the Austrian association of cycling hotels  MTS - Roadbike Holidays.  You can check out the biking trails here:

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There are also some active holiday packages offers that you can book for yourselves or buy for your family and friends.

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